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Jan showed an interest in art and film at an early age. A yearbook passage from his kindergarten teacher states, "Draw, and keep on drawing, only the sky's the limit!" Jan remembered her words of encouragement and by age 12, would start formal art education for the next six summers. He continued to study art and form and, in 1998, after granted full Presidential scholarship, he earned B.F.A. and Master degrees in Art and Animation from Savannah College of Art and Design. 


During his 10+ years tenure served as a director at the legacy DUCK studios in Los Angeles, Jan had pitched and won many high profile campaigns such as M&M’s, Poptarts and Cox Communications. His fully animated 3D short film “Rubbuds” has won several international awards and had made its rounds in film festivals. Since 2015, Jan transitioned to becoming a freelance director collaborating with various agencies and post-production houses around the world, his latest animated documentary for Riot Games depicting the lives of the gamers was critically acclaimed globally.


In addition to computer graphics, many of Jan's traditional art including painting and photography have been permanently collected by galleries and private individuals. Fueled by his passion and skill for design and filmmaking, Jan continues to produce original work, as he believes that his work speaks from something personal, whether it is created for visual entertainment or implies deeper, abstract thoughts. 

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